Welcome to The Equities Forum from the Equities team at M&G Investments.

We are a group of experienced investment professionals who are passionate about equity investing, and who believe that company fundamentals drive share prices over the long term. Between us we have many hundreds of years of investment expertise that we call upon to see us through short-term market noise and to help us remain focused on what really matters: the delivery of investment returns to our investors through the understanding of companies and their valuations.

There are many strands to equity investing, not least the complex and variable interplay between individual stocks and the economic and market context. Arguably, the environment we’ve faced since the financial crisis is a new world which brings its own market challenges.

This blog is an opportunity to create a forum to share and debate our often differing views on a wide range of themes and topics that matter to equity investors. We don’t claim to have all the answers, and perhaps not all of the questions either, and we strongly encourage your participation and comments.

Thank you for supporting The Equities Forum. We look forward to many engaging, interesting and, I’m sure at times, challenging debates.

Graham Mason
Head of Investment