As the presidential race enters the final lap, rhetoric around political drug pricing remains high and the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors are lagging the broader market year-to-date. However, in my opinion, US political drug pricing fears are overstated and investors should be more concerned about commercial drug price and market… Read more


China’s transformation over recent decades has generated some great investment opportunities. But the challenge for investors has always been how to reach them. For many years, overseas investors have been restricted to a limited selection of Chinese companies. That’s now changing. As part of the Chinese government’s drive to raise… Read more

Safe as houses?

Having been in the doldrums since the financial crisis, there are now tentative signs that the European residential construction sector is on the mend. We’re seeing encouraging data coming through and from our analysis and our discussions with companies, we’re increasingly confident that the earnings growth potential in the sector… Read more

Improved Public Offerings

A regular feature of my life is trying to focus on an IPO (initial public offering) prospectus through sleepy eyes on the 06.35 from Colchester! Unfortunately the complexity of the IPO process often means that the key document  – called a ‘pathfinder prospectus’  – only turns up just before (or… Read more

Retailers on the margin

Consumers are a demanding bunch. They want more choice, convenience and above all, a great customer experience. Yet they don’t want to pay more for the privilege! Satisfying the modern customer poses considerable challenges to today’s retailers. Can anyone but the consumer prosper in this environment?

Strong house price growth,… Read more

Bargain hunters beware

We’ve all felt the euphoria of finding that sought-after purchase at a bargain price. And there are certainly bargains to be found in equities in the current environment. But I think investors should proceed with caution to avoid the investment equivalent of a ‘fashion faux pas’ – the bargain item… Read more